The 1900 Buganda Agreement

It was a treaty signed between the British commissioner Sir Harry Johnston and the three regents of Daudi Chwa II; Apollo Kaggwa, Stanslas Mugwanya and Zakaria Kisingiri.

The agreement was signed on 10th March, 1900 at Mengo.

It was part of the British colonial effort to strengthen administration in Uganda for effective occupation.

Why the 1900 Buganda Agreement was Signed

  • It was signed to define the position of Buganda within a wider Uganda.
  • The desire to have effective control over Buganda also led to the signing of the agreement.
  • To confirm that Buganda had submitted to British rule following the verbal declaration of a protectorate over Uganda in 1894.
  • They wanted to make Buganda the spring board (starting point) for the extension of colonial rule to the rest of Uganda. After this, similar agreements were to be signed with other areas.
  • They aimed at ending the existing political conflicts between Buganda and Uganda.
  • They wanted to regulate and define the relationship between Buganda and the British colonial government.
  • To find an acceptable way for both the Baganda and the British on how to assist the infant King Daudi Chwa II.
  • They wanted to limit and control the powers of the Kabaka in Buganda.
  • They also wanted to end Omukama Kabalega’s rebellion against the British in Bunyoro.
  • They wanted to end the threats of the Sudanese Mutineers in the North and thus introducte the rule of law in the country.
  •  It was signed to lay a platform for Buganda’s / Uganda political, economic and social development.
  • They wanted to make Buganda safe for missionary activities following the occurrence of the religious wars.
  • They wanted to make Buganda self-reliant through introducing economic reforms like growing of cash crops, payments of taxes and use of money.
  • The British colonial government was anxious to reduce the administrative costs in Uganda following the collapse of the I.B.E.A.Co.
  • They wanted to clear the confusion and effects of bad administration of I.B.E.A.Co.
  • They wanted it to serve as an instrument of colonial exploitation in order to prepare the ground for effective exploitation of Ugandan resources.
  • They wanted to streamline the system of land ownership in Buganda.
  • They wanted to answer Bishop Tucker’s cries to formalize the privileges of the Protestants over the Catholics and Muslims.
  • It was also intended to reward the leading Buganda chiefs for their support in taking over Buganda.
  • They wanted to introduce political reforms for the efficient for the efficient administration of the protectorate.
  • Buganda seemed to offer an ideal political atmosphere for development.
  • They wanted to follow the terms of the Berlin conference since it would serve as a legal document that would protect and safeguard the British interests in Uganda.


Why was the 1900 Buganda agreement signed?