Effects of the Revolution on the British

  • Many British nationals Uitilanders were attracted into TV to reap from the minerals.
  • The discovery made the British more interested in penetrating into the interior where minerals had been discovered.
  • In this way, the British imperialism (British desire to rule other areas) was increased.
  • The British started making plan to control the whole S. Africa hoping to find more minerals.
  • The mineral discovery made the British more determined to create the union of S. Africa.
  • The British got skilled employment in the mines and industrial centers.
  • The discovery made the British wealthier and stronger e.g. the rise of Cecil Rhodes and his companies.
  • The British then enjoyed improved standards of living because of minerals.
  • Cecil Rhodes became very rich and used this wealth to extend British imperialism.
  • The British started surrounding the Boer republics leading to their annexation.
  • The British moved into the interior and took over the diamond fields in OFS and Transvaal.
  • The British annexed the Boer republic of Transvaal in 1877 that led to the outbreak of 1st Anglo-Boer war.
  • Later, the British started annexing African states like Swaziland and Basuto.
  • The mineral discovery led to conflicts between the British and Boers leading to wars such as 1stAnglo-Boer war, 2ndAnglo-Boer war and Jameson raid.
  • Later there was the formation of S. African union by the British and Boers in 1910.
  • The British started enjoying some of the minerals riches from the Boer republics.

Qn. How did the economic changes in S. Africa between 1867 and 1910 affect the British?