Part 3 – Lessons to Religious Leaders Today

Modern religious leaders should respect Gods` places of worship unlike Elis` sons who had sexual intercourse with the maids at the temple.

They should be exemplary unlike Eli. They should advise their sons and also listen to peoples comments. Unlike Eli who paid no attention.

Leaders should discipline their children when they do wrong unlike Eli who just looked on when his sons were sinning against God.

Religious leaders should seek for advice when need arises unlike Eli who did not seek for advice from God on which person to succeed him since he had grown but instead he elected his sons.

They should fight against corruption and greed because they are evils which are punished by God.

They should practice democracy and respect public affairs because public affairs are not hereditary unlike Eli who appointed his sons as judges.

They should learn to entrust offices of responsibility to competent people unlike Eli who blundered by using his wicked sons.

They should emulate the good examples of their parents unlike Eli`s sons who never copied the good example of their father.

They should be satisfied with the privileges that they have unlike the sons of Eli who had access to the sacrifices but instead took the big parts. They should respect for God`s sacrifices unlike the sons of Eli who forcefully grabbed the sacrifices of the people.