Basic Christian Practices


  • Baptism is a Christian initiation rite /ritual as Muslims has circumcision.
  • Baptism is one of the major sacraments in Christianity and it’s considered to be the first practice in the life of a normal Christian.

Characteristics/ Features of Christian Baptism

  • It is an out ward physical and visible sign of one’s spiritually that confirms one’s belief in Christ.
  • In most churches, it is conducted when the person is still young. I.e. young babies are baptized especially among catholic and protestant churches.
  • The young baptized babies are represented by mature Christians commonly known as God- parents.
  • The young ones are mainly baptized in the churches of their biological parents and therefore they become members of such churches.
  • The Pentecostal and Adventist churches, baptism is done on old Christians after they have accepted to get baptized.
  • In the Anglican and catholic churches, baptism involves sprinkling of water on one’s fore head to show his or her acceptance to follow Christ
  • In the revival churches, baptism is done by physically dipping/ immersing the person in the stream of water to show his acceptance to die and resurrect with Christ. Roman 6
  • Instructions are given verbally to the one being baptized to accept God and believe in Jesus asa Messiah.
  • The young ones are represented by their God parents.
  • Christian baptism is presided over by religious leaders such as priests, Reverends, Bishops etc.
  • Baptism is a public ritual/ practice which is done in the presence of other Christians who act as witnesses.
  • During baptism, the baptized person acquires a Christian name identifying him/her with Christ and therefore, celebrations follow welcoming that person into the church.
  • It is practiced on both boys and girls using the same practice not like in Islam where boys are the only ones circumcised.
  • Baptism is not compulsory to everyone but anyone who wants to show his commitment to Christ is called upon to be baptized.
  • It is believed that those who get baptized would receive the Holy Spirit therefore they stand high chances of receiving spiritual gifts like speaking in tongues and performing miracles.
  • In traditional churches, the baptized Christians usually put on white clothes to symbolize their commitment to live holy lives.
  • In many churches today, baptism involves giving of baptism cards to those who have been baptized.
  • In the catholic churches, there is burning of candles during baptism to symbolize receiving of spiritual light for those being baptized.

Qn. Explain the main features of the Christian initiation rite / ritual.