Problems the Church in East Africa Has Faced in the Provision of Health Services

  • The church has faced a problem of in adequate funds to facilitate them of providing quality health services to the sick.
  • It has also faced a problem of shortage of man power of doctors and nurses who are too few to treat the many patients.
  • Insecurity in some areas with wars has also made it hard for the church to treat the sick in such areas.
  • Hostile tribes in some parts of East Africa are against the provision of health services due to their conservatism hence limiting church work e.g. the karamajongs.
  • The church has got limited land to build more health centers and expand the existing ones especially in urban areas like Kampala.
  • The emergence of new and rare diseases like Ebola, Marburg etc have caused a big challenge to the church medical department.
  • Some Africans are too confident of their traditional medicine/ herbs and this has interfered with the church provision of modern drugs.
  • Poor roads in some remote areas have made it hard for the church to carry out its health missionary journeys.
  • There is rampant corruption among some church leaders who at times misuse the health funds got from the donors.
  • Sometimes the government interferes negatively with the church work of providing medical services to the patients
  • Illiteracy among many people of East Africa is also a problem e.g. some people cannot follow the instructions of taking drugs because of illiteracy.
  • Low levels of technology have hindered the church effort of providing quality health services to its clients.
  • Inadequate medical facilities in form of medical machines like x-ray machines, ambulances etc is another obstacle to the church.


  1. Show the contribution made by the church in providing medical services in Uganda today. (13 marks)
  2. What limitations has the church faced in this endeavor? (12 marks)