Relevance/ Importance of Baptism to Christians to Day

  • It gives an individual a sense of belongingness to the kingdom of God because a person accepts Jesus as the lord and messiah.
  • It also gives an individual a sense of belongingness to a given church where he is baptized from and he/she becomes a member of that church.
  • It identifies a person as a believer and follower of Christ thereby breaking one’s old life of paganism.
  • It helps a person to fulfill God’s command which Jesus gave to the disciples i.e. “go in the world and baptize people in the name of the father.”
  • It is a proof that a person believes and has faith in Christ and therefore or she has accepted to die and resurrect with Christ.
  • Baptism gives guidance and protection to the baptized Christians against all evils and satanic forces.
  • It makes a person to live an exemplary life i.e. a person lives like a Christ through being morally up right, obedient, humble, caring etc
  • It provides a chance to the baptized Christians to receive other sacraments the church such as Holy Communion and holy matrimony.
  • It provides a chance to the baptized Christians to receive the gift sprit and serve God better. I.e. the baptized
  • Christian can speak in to perform miracles.
  • Baptism unites a person with Christ and fellow Christians hence unity with in the church.
  • Christian baptism also strengthens one’s faith in Christ hence him/her to start serving God through preaching the gospel.
  • It enables a person to acquire a Christian name like saint Elizabeth etc hence becoming identified as Christians.
  • It helps the baptized person to be washed or cleansed of sin of Adam and Eva hence purifying his/her life.
  • It gives hope of resurrecting/ life after death to the baptized of being dipped and removes from the water.
  • It enables the baptized person to receive a decent burial prayed for by religious leaders and members of the church.


1. Discuss the relevance (importance) of baptism as a Christian initiation rite.