Importance of Lake Victoria and Kyoga

Lakes Victoria and Kyoga are associated with both positive and negative importances which include ;

– They have facilitated the development of the mining industry eg sand mining at Gaba and Luzira, clay mining at Kajjansi which has led the development of the construction industry in the regions around lakes Victoria and Kyoga.

– Lakes act as a source of water for domestic and industrial purposes eg Lake Victoria is a source of water in the areas of kampala, Jinja, and Mwanza.

– Lakes provide water for irrigation purposes facilitating the development of the agricultural sector eg Lake Kyoga provides water for irrigation at Olweny irrigation scheme.

– Lakes Victoria and Kyoga have promoted fishing activities by providing a good environment for the growth and multiplication of several fish species such as tilapia, nile perch which provides plenty of proteins.

– They have contributed to the development of art and craft industry because of papyrus vegetation along the shores provide raw materials for the making of mats, baskets etc.

– Lakes Victoria and Kyoga have helped to modify the climate of the adjacent areas by facilitating the formation of convectional rain fall through the process of evaporation. This has led to the development of other activities such as agriculture , forestry etc.

– Lakes act as habitats for acquatic animals such as crocodiles which provide meat and skin used for making shoes and belts.

– Lakes act as a tourist attraction facilitating the development of the tourism sector due to the activities associated with them such as sun bathing, sport fishing etc.

Negative importances;

– Lakes harbour dangerous wild animals such as crocodiles which are a danger to lives and man’s property.

– They act as breeding grounds for disease causing pests and vectors such as mosquitoes, snails etc which spread malaria and other diseases to man.

– Very many people have lost their lives and property on lakes Victoria and Kyoga when their boats capsize as a result of strong prevailing winds.

– Lakes are associated with floods especially on lake Kyoga which lead to the destruction of lives and properties in the areas of Teso.