Lesson fifteen


Some sentences express a complete thought with only a subject and an action verb.


The sun shines.

Subject           Active             verb

In other sentences, a direct object must follow the action verb for the sentence to be complete. A direct object is a noun or a pronoun that receives the action of the verb.


The goalkeeper caught the ball.

              Subject          action verb      direct object

15.2     Transitive verbs

A Transitive verb is an action verb that must take a direct object for the sentence to express a complete thought. A direct object answers the question what? or whom? 


The captain steered the ship. (Steered what? the ship)

The teacher praised the students. (Praised whom? The students)     

Transitive verbs cannot be used alone without direct objects in sentences; they would not have complete meanings.

15.3     Exercise 15

What are the action verbs and the direct objects in the following sentences?

  1. He carried his bag with
  2. The two friends discussed the examination
  3. We took a trip to Nakuru last month.
  4. The water splashed me.
  5. He gave interesting facts about
  6. We searched the house for
  7. They cheered the team
  8. My brother bought a
  9. Njoroge admires Papa
  10. We viewed the shouting star at