Lesson six

6.1       The Future Tense

A verb which is in future tense tells what is going to happen.


Evans will take his car to the garage. She will probably come with us.

The verbs will take and will come tell us what is going to happen. Hence, they are in future tense.

To form the future tense of a verb, use the helping verb will or shall with the main verb.

6.2       Exercise 5

`           Write the future tense forms of the verbs in the following sentences.

  1. We write in exercise
  2. The train stopped at the
  3. He decides what he wants to
  4. They practise in the football
  5. Rats multiply very

6.3       More Tenses

The above three forms of tenses can further be divided into:

  1. The simple tenses                  – Present simple tense

                                                        – Past simple tense

                                                        – Future simple tense

  1. The perfect tenses     -Present perfect tense

                                            – Present perfect progressive

                                            – Past perfect tense

                                            – Future perfect

                                            – Future perfect progressive

  1. The progressive tenses     – Present progressive tense

                                                   – Past progressive tense

                                                   – Progressive tense

                                                   – Future perfect progressive tense.