Lesson seventeen


Some pairs of verbs confuse learners of English because their meanings are related but not the same. Others confuse them because they sound similar, but their meanings are different. Others are similar in appearance but different in meanings.

17.2     EXERCISE 17

Pick the correct verb from the ones given in brackets in the following sentences.

  1. Studying spiders closely can (learn, teach) us how they get their
  2. An insect that (lays, lies) motionless on a leaf can become prey to some other animal.
  3. The lion will (lay, lie) there waiting for its
  4. The monster spider (sits, sets) patiently near its
  5. Experience has (taught, learned) me not to take things for
  6. A bird (raises, rises) its body using its
  7. This (raises, rises) another question,
  8. Nature has (learned, taught) spiders new
  9. The watchman instantly (raises, rises) the alarm when there is
  10. The trappers have (lain, laid) fresh traps for the