Lesson seven

7.1       The simple Tenses

The most common tenses of the verb are the simple tenses. You use them most often in your speaking and writing.

Present simple tense.

Look at the following sentences.

  • I know Kisumu
  • He goes to school
  • The sun rises from the

All the above sentences contain a verb in the present simple tense. This tense is used for different purposes.

  • To state a personal fact

Example: I know Kisumu.

  • To point out a regular habit.

Example: He goes to school everyday.

  • To state known a scientific fact

Example: The sun rises from the east.

7.3       Exercise 6

Complete the following sentences putting the verbs in brackets in the present simple tense.

  1. They their new (like)
  2. Every morning, she her (brush)
  3. The earth on its own (rotate)
  4. Twice a year, he his (visit)
  5. Air when (rise)