Lesson ten

10.1     The Progressive Verb Forms

The progressive form of the verb shows continuing action.


I am singing

She was dancing. 

The progressive form is formed using various forms of the verb be plus the present participle i.e. a verb form that ends in –ing.


1.    Present Progressive Tense

I am reading a book about Red Indians. Her mother is preparing dinner.

2.    Present Perfect Progressive

He has been cleaning his car since morning. They have been exercising for a week now.

3.    Past Progressive Tense

She was cooking supper when I arrived.

They were fighting fiercely when the police arrived.

4.    Past Perfect Progressive Tense

Sonko had been wearing an earing for years before he removed it. Onyancha had been killing children before he was finally discovered.

5.    Future Progressive

He will be tilling the land next week.

Joyce and Joan will be washing clothes all morning.

6.    Future Perfect Progressive

The children will have been sleeping for two hours by the time their parents arrive. John will have grown a beard by the time he is twelve.

10.2     Exercise 10

Rewrite the following sentence changing the verb into present progressive, present perfect progressive, past progressive, past perfect progressive, future progressive and future perfect progressive tenses. Make any necessary changes to make the sentences meaningful.
        Jane plays the guitar well.