Lesson five

5.1       The Past Tense

A verb which is in past tense shows what has already happened.


Tito liked his grandmother’s story.

The verb liked tells that the action in the sentence happened before now.

5.2       Rules for forming the Past Tense

  1. Most verbs: Add –ed                         play – played talk – talked climb – climbed
  2. Verbs ending with e: Add -d             praise – praised hope – hoped wipe – wiped
  3. Verbs ending with a consonant and -y: bury – buried the y to i and add –ed   carry – carried                                            study – studied
  4. Verbs ending with a single vowel and stop – stopped a consonant: Double the final consonant     man – manned and add-ed      trip – tripped

5.3       Exercise 4

Write the past tense forms of each of the verbs in brackets in the following sentences.

  1. John his house burn into (watch)
  2. The baby (cry)
  3. The teacher at the naughty (yell)
  4. The chef a delicious (bake)
  5. We for a present for our (shop)